Village Pump

Wickham St Pauls Parish Council wished to renovate an area of their village green which has a poorly concreted slab over a well that used to have one of the village water pumps installed on it.

The objective of the project is threefold,

  • To tidy up and make the area safe
  • Re-install the old Village pump as an attraction
  • If possible to have it working to provide water for animals
    The pump was recovered from a very supportive residence’s garden but it had been stripped of any
    mechanism except one old and used birds nest.

    The shell has now been sand blasted and stabilised with an undercoat of paint. A topcoat of green is being applied before the pump is returned to the village so a picture could not be provided.
    Acquisition of a suitable replacement mechanism requires the well to be cleared first to confirm which mechanism is need. This work is expected to commence in the spring of 2020.
    The clearance of the well may still prove impossible as there is no knowledge in the village of how deep the well is, or of having cleared it that a suitable pump replacement mechanism can be acquired.

The pump shell has been mounted anyway on the existing site as an attraction and the area made safe (see photos below).

Funding has been received from the Essex Heritage Trust to help with this project.